Us at the beautiful Papamoa beach
Us at the beautiful Papamoa beach


I was the sole developer behind ThriveCart and grew it from its beginnings to processing well over $1bn USD for our customers.

During my 15+ years experience building out high-performance platforms with tens of thousands of active users, I have become proficient in a wide variety of software and tooling, and an expert at leveraging the maximum result from the leanest resources.

My passion is taking projects from an idea to solving real user’s problems, all while saving time and increasing revenue.



Date: 2016 to December 2023

I worked as the CTO and sole software engineer at ThriveCart, creating the platform alongside the founder and CEO and growing it from an idea to processing well over $1 billion USD for our customers.

ThriveCart is a powerful conversion-focussed cart platform, integrates with multiple payment gateways, has a fully featured WYSIWYG cart builder, integrates with 20+ services in your marketing stack and includes an entire course building platform to create and deliver training courses to customers, all alongside a powerful and industry-pioneering affiliate platform that lets you pay affiliates instantly.

As the sole engineer for the platform, I was responsible for creating the entire suite of functionality, establishing and operating its cloud-based infrastructure, and scaling it to handle tens of thousands of active users and process millions of transactions.

I worked with the founder to produce and manage an aggressive product roadmap, worked closely with technology partners for integrations and partnerships, and helped across almost every area of the business as it grew before its acquisition and subsequent $35m funding round.

After the company was acquired, I continued in my role for over a year, helping to grow out the development team and accelerate the product roadmap even further.


Date: 2014 to 2016

Audello was a podcasting platform aimed towards internet marketers looking to grow their audiences and reach.

As the sole engineer for the platform, I built out its cloud-based infrastructure and scaled it to serve thousands of active users, alongside leading multiple teams to handle cross-platform desktop app development, QA, and software testing.


Date: 2010 to 2014

EasyVideoSuite was the follow-up platform to EasyVideoPlayer, featuring a desktop app to convert videos for online streaming and an even more powerful suite of video and marketing tools.

I was the sole engineer for the platform, responsible for building and operating its cloud-based infrastructure to serve thousands of active users and millions of viewed videos. I also led multiple teams to handle cross-platform desktop app development, QA and software testing, and customer support.


Date: 2009 to 2010

EasyVideoPlayer was an industry-defining self-hosted video marketing platform, making it easy to upload and embed videos into your web pages, add interactivity to them, and track their performance and engagement.

I was the sole engineer for the platform, directly assisted the founder in growing out and managing the customer support team to serve thousands of customers, and was responsible for both its creation as a self-hosted platform, and then the subsequent successful implementation of a fully cloud-based SaaS offering.