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Hi! I'm Marc Fowler, an experienced SaaS CTO and software/product engineer.

Over the last 15+ years, I've been the sole developer behind the hugely successful ThriveCart, as well as many other platforms.

I'm an expert at getting the maximum result from the leanest resources, to save you time and increase your revenue.

I am currently available to hire. Read my CV, send me an email and let's talk!

Running nginx and php-fpm with Supervisor on Coolify

Shortly after posting my initial version to run Laravel queues with Supervisor on Coolify, I realised that I should also get supervisor to run and control nginx and php-fpm as well. So here’s an updated version of the Nixpacks script to handle this. The revised PHP provider As before, I’ve added a nixpacks.toml file to my project root, which gets picked up by Nixpacks and lets you extend the default PHP provider.
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Using Laravel queues with Coolify and supervisord

Update: I’ve posted a newer version which also uses supervisor to start and keep nginx and php-fpm running! Coolify is ‘self-hosting with superpowers’ and is aiming to provide an alternative to Heroku and Vercel. For the last several years, I’ve been using Ansible to deploy my projects, but I’ve been looking to simplify and get functionality like atomic deployments out of the box. Especially for side projects that I can quickly and easily deploy to DigitalOcean and Hetzner, a mechanism to package things up into container and atomically deploy them is really appealing.
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